VacuMaid offers true cyclonic power, with no filters or debris-collecting bags impeding air flow.  VacuMaid also provides the option of a "split" system, meaning the dirt-receptacle can be located in a different place than the vacuum motor-- the ultimate in

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AstroVac power units combine impressively powerful motors with a filtered cyclonic design.  The systems feature the choice of a disposable micro lined paper bag or a cyclonic inverted bag-- especially useful if you can't or don't want to run an exhaust line to
the outside.

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Since 1970, Canavac has been building high-quality reliable central vacuums.  Every unit features hybrid bagged/bagless technology with superior filtration, and an outstanding warranty.

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A leading central vacuum manufacturer for over 60 years, Vacuflo continues to produce great products, including the current line of central vacs and several revolutionary new retractable hose solutions like the Vroom, Spot and Hide-A-Hose. 

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The Vac Pan dust-sweep inlet has become a very popular add on to
central vacuum systems.  No need to get the hose out-- just grab a broom
and sweep over to the Vac Pan.  A tap with your foot turns on the suction
and the dirt disappears.  Great for the kitchen, mudroom, bathrooms, etc.