Retractable Hose Solutions

Hide-A-Hose is a revolutionary new retractable hose system.
Instead of carrying a hose from inlet to inlet, you pull the hose
out of the wall-- as much or little as you need.
The hoses can be 30, 40, 50 or even 60 feet long, so one 
location can cover a lot of square footage.
A great solution for people who don't like the idea of carrying
around a hose.  

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The perfect solution for places you want to clean frequently,
like the kitchen or master bathroom.  The Vroom unit installs inside
a cabinet and connects to the central vacuum system.  All you
have to do is pull out the hose (18' or 24') and the suction starts 

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Another great solution for places that need frequent vacuuming.  
This 10' inwall retractable hose is ideal for pet food or littler areas, 
laundry room, mudroom, bathroom, etc.

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