About Us
John Vandermyde was still in high school in 1984, when his father started a company selling and installing a central vacuum product called Vantage Vac.  John was employee #2 and by the time he graduated from college, he had installed hundreds of Vantage Vacs in both new and existing homes.   

The Vantage Vac brand eventually went away and the company began to offer other top brands.  Twenty years and hundreds of systems later, John decided to start his own company, Central Vac Solutions, specializing in central vacuum systems, parts and accessories.

Over the years, John has seen tremendous changes in the central vacuum world.  25 years ago, people were often using inefficient air-turbine powerheads, and when electric heads were used, the hoses were usually heavy and cumbersome.  There existed only very basic tools to clean wood/tile floors and other surfaces.  Today, systems are quite different--power units are better and more powerful, the hoses are much lighter and easier to use, and the number and quality of available accessories and options is impressive.  However, for all the improvements, central vacuums continue to be an underrated and under-recognized solution to home cleanliness and indoor air quality.  Central Vac Solutions wants to help change this.

Central Vac Solutions is not like other "home electronics" companies, where central vacuums are a minor part of the product offerings.  We are specialists, dedicated to this great product, and dedicated to providing you with the best brands, service and support in town.